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New Exhibition of Straw Gardens Opened in Kaunas

Vilnius Ethnic Culture Center together with the association “Dangaus sodai” presents the exhibition “Sodų Sakmės” which was opened on November 19th in Kaunas, Perkūnas House.

It exhibits 64 straw gardens created by binders from all over Lithuania. Among the 35 authors of this exhibition, who have different experience and a unique style, there are two men whose gardens stand out in their own style. An exhibition catalogue presenting the participants has been published and will be available at Perkūnas House and Vilnius Ethnic Culture Center. You can find the digital version of the catalogue here.

The exhibition runs from November 19th to February 1st, 2021. Due to the pandemic, spectators were not invited to the opening, but we hope that it will be possible to visit the exhibition in small groups by arranging a visit with the hostess of the Perkūnas House - Mrs. Vilhelmina, tel. +37068677824.

The only binder representing Kaunas in this exhibition is Eglė Vindašienė. The organisers hope that this exhibition will inspire the community of Kaunas, and more and more garden binders will be found here, especially since rye grows well in these fertile lands.


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