Creative Team of the Project

"Virtual Straw Gardens for Everyone"


Project supervisor

Eglė Kašėtienė

The author of the idea to create this website, the creator and implementation supervisor of the project "Virtual Straw Gardens for Everyone", the compiler of the website content. Coordinator and organiser of cultural activities at the Vilnius Ethnic Culture Center.

"From the very beginning of my work at the Vilnius Center for Ethnic Culture, I was glad that the institution, and especially M. Liugienė working at it, pays a lot of attention to the tradition of binding straw gardens. Over time, I realised that in order to popularise and present this tradition to Lithuania and the world, it is necessary to create a website where everything about gardens and their binders would lie under one roof. I am especially happy with the Virtual Straw Garden Gallery!"

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Project consultant, garden binder

Marija Liugienė

Consultant in collecting material for website content. Coordinator and organiser of cultural activities at the Vilnius Ethnic Culture Center.

Marija Liugienė is a binder of straw gardens, taking care of the national and international recognition of this tradition. She has been leading practical education, workshops, developing and implementing projects for many years for the purpose of popularising the straw garden tradition. She is the compiler of the book "Sodo rėda" , the creator of the educational kits "Thread and Perceive" and "My first straw garden", initiator of the international conference "Garden research and dissemination" and of various garden exhibitions and the author of many other initiatives.



Technical project implementer, creative director

Andrius Gricius | UAB URAGA

Developer of the website and creator of the Virtual Straw Garden Gallery, where 3D models of gardens were carefully recreated according the photos of original masterpieces.

Andrius Gricius (director of UAB Uraga): "My team and I are very pleased to contribute to the dissemination of Lithuanian ethnic culture, the promotion of intangible cultural heritage as the specialists of computer technologies. We hope that this site will provide an opportunity to delve into the unique traditions of our country, to get to know the magical straw gardens more closely."

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Website owner and manager

Vilnius Ethnic Culture Center

The manager of this site, organiser of various events and publications year after year for the purpose of spreading and presenting the straw garden tradition to the public.

To report news related to straw gardens or to request an update of the data published on the website, you can contact the Vilnius Ethnic Culture Center which is the general manager of this website via email:


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Project sponsor

Lithuanian Council for Culture

Cultural policy implementing institution, which funded the project "Virtual Gardens for Everyone". Thank you, Council.


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